All-Year Tree Care Guide to Keeping Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful

Giving your trees the care and attention they need each year is essential to keeping them healthy. Proper care throughout the year helps ensure your beautiful trees stay sturdy and strong so they can live with you for decades to come. By following this all-year tree care guide, you offer your trees the gift of a healthy and fruitful year in 2020.

Pruning and Trimming in the Late Winter

Winter pruning is an essential part of our tree care guide here in Galveston, TX.
Maintaining your trees throughout the year is a good way to help boost healthy growth and keep the tree healthy overall. Pruning and trimming are two ways that you can protect your tree while encouraging new growth and reducing stress. It’s important to remember that pruning and trimming are not the same things. Pruning a tree is a precise way to remove diseased or unnecessary branches from the tree to increase air circulation and help the tree focus on new growth. Trimming a tree is a preventative, broad-scale measure to protect the tree, yourself, and your property by removing damaged or dead branches. Both of these services are great to do in the late winter, just before the tree wakes up from winter dormancy.

Dormant Oil in the Late Winter and Late Fall

Tree-damaging pests wake up from dormancy in the early spring, at the same time as your trees. Pests like mites, aphids, and scale actually overwinter on the tree itself. So how do you stop this ticking time bomb of a pest situation? Dormant oil is the best way to prevent an early spring infestation of tree-damaging pests. When the tree is dormant, the oil is applied to the entire tree. Dormant oil coats the overwintering insects and cuts off their air supply. By the time spring rolls around, the pests will have been taken care of and your trees can enjoy a stress-free start to the year. Apply dormant oil in the late winter to prevent a spring infestation. You can also apply in the late fall to prevent most of the pests from overwintering on your trees in the first place.

Beneficial Mulch Before the Summer

Another essential step in our tree care guide is to apply mulch in the summer to prevent damage from the hot Friendswood, TX weather.
One of the greatest ways to protect your trees throughout the year is a simple application of mulch. Adding a thin layer of mulch around your landscaped trees and shrubs helps protect the roots from a number of different threats. The mulch keeps the roots safe from changing temperatures and extreme heat throughout the year. It also helps conserve water during the hottest months of the year. Mulch even prevents the growth of stress-causing weeds around the base of your trees and shrubs. If you’re looking for an easy, all-year tree care service, then adding mulch is an easy option.

Pest Control and Disease Monitoring All Year

Some of the most destructive things to a tree are absolutely tiny. Tree-damaging pests, virulent diseases, and festering fungi all take their toll on our sturdy trees. Many of these threats can quickly spread to your other trees, resulting in plant death and destruction. That’s why year-round pest and disease monitoring is absolutely essential. Taking a preemptive approach to pest and disease control for your trees helps you avoid a devastating infestation, preserving the health and beauty of your landscape.

Tree Fertilization Throughout the Year

Finally, one of the most important parts of all-year tree care is tree fertilization. Your trees, just like your grass and garden, need nutrients throughout the year to keep them healthy and boost their growth. Not only will regular fertilization keep the foliage thick and green, but it also helps your tree become more resilient to diseases, pests, and environmental stresses.

Choice Home & Commercial Services Can Help With Your All-Year Tree Care

Don’t let your trees suffer and struggle this year. Give them the gift of all-year tree care from Choice Home & Commercial Services. Our tree care services help provide the trees with everything they need to thrive this year while protecting them from the dangerous world of pests, diseases, and seasonal stresses. Don’t forget to sign up for our lawn care services as well, to keep your whole property healthy and beautiful in 2020.

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