Beautify Your Texas Landscapes with These Four Succulents

In Texas, our hot, dry summers make landscaping a challenge, especially with non-native plants. The amount of water that grass and other plants need can put a strain on your water bill and the environment. In certain areas, conforming to arid landscapes is the better option when water restrictions are in place. Succulents are a great alternative for gardeners who want a dramatic landscape with a lot of texture that doesn’t require a ton of water. Here’s a list of some of the best outdoor succulents to plant in Texas.


Aloe is a succulent that's famous for its health benefits, making it an excellent outdoor succulent to add to your Houston, TX lawn.

Aloe is probably best known for its health benefits, but it also makes a great choice when designing for drought-resistant landscapes. These plants thrive in poor soils and where they can receive six to eight hours of sunlight per day. However, it can become burnt in the scorching summers of Texas so provide a little shade if needed. Aloe stores large amounts of water in its leaves, which means you can neglect this plant for short periods without water. Overwatering aloe runs the risk of rot. Aloes work well as a stand-alone plant or combined with other smaller succulents.


Native to the Canary Islands, these outdoor succulents have long, curving stems capped with big, beautiful, fleshy rosettes. Aeoniums bloom in late winter or spring and do best in full sun to partial shade, but can’t stand too high of temperatures. Aeonium requires slightly more water than most other succulents but you will find they can fit right into your Texas landscape.


Agave plants are characterized by their large pointy leaves and bushy appearance. Native to the American southwest, agave plants have found a home among arid gardeners for their adaptability to many different soil types, their resistance to drought, and their towering flowering spires at the end of their life cycle. Plant large agaves as a strong background plant with small succulent species in the foreground or line them along a path or walkway.

DudleyaDudleya is a tough outdoor succulent that is very drought-resistant and an excellent addition to your Friendswood, TX landscaping.

Dudleya is probably the easiest and best of the outdoor succulents to plant in Texas because it loves to be left alone. Left to their own devices, dudleya can reach 50 to 100 years of age. They grow natively in the southwestern United States and Mexico. They enjoy bright locations but also require a little bit of shade in the afternoon.

When we say that this succulent likes to be left alone, we mean it. Because dudleya are used to dry, desert conditions, it’s advised to stop watering altogether in the summer. You can resume watering in the fall. Do not allow the plant’s leaves to get wet. Dudleya has a special coating of wax on their leaves that help protect them from the harsh summer rays. Disturbing this wax by touching them or by water, can cause detrimental effects to the health of the plant.

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