Controlling and Preventing Mosquitos in Houston

Here in Houston, we are graced with one of the longest mosquito seasons in the country. Our season begins in February and tapers off in October through November. That’s almost a full year of annoying mosquitos. Not only are they annoying, but they can also spread a number of well-known diseases. Controlling mosquitoes begins with prevention. These are some of the ways you can prevent them and drive down their population.

Remove Standing Water

The most important thing to know about mosquitoes is how they breed. Armed with this knowledge, you can take a bite out of the mosquito population in your yard.

Female mosquitoes deposit their eggs in pools of standing water. The eggs can hatch and mature into adults in less than two weeks. You’ll be doing yourself and your guests a favor if you take inventory of your yard and eliminate all standing water. This includes: rain barrels,  wheelbarrows, flower pots, old tires, buckets, and animal waterers.

Clean Those Gutters

One excellent way to prevent mosquitoes in your Houston yard is to clean out your gutters.

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters out as part of your spring cleanup, then you’ll want to get to it. Clogged gutters create great breeding grounds for mosquitoes and they are often overlooked when removing other instances of standing water.

Remove Rotting Wood

Old decaying logs and stumps can not only hold enough standing water to foster a whole new generation of mosquitoes, but the soft moist wood can also serve as a mosquito hibernation area. Remove, bury, or burn all rotting wood on your property to prevent mosquitoes from using them as a hotel or nursery.

Install Bug Lights

I know what you’re thinking, “mosquitoes and other bugs are attracted to lights”. While this is true, there are special bulbs you can buy called ‘bug lights’ that give off a different kind of light than your regular bulbs. This light is not attractive to bugs or mosquitoes and should give them one less reason to venture into your yard.

Introduce PredatorsA great way to prevent mosquitoes in your Houston yard is to introduce predators by installing a bat house.

We aren’t talking about lions or tigers here. We’re talking about animals that feed on mosquitoes and can put a dent in the mosquito population in your yard. Put up some bat houses and purple martin houses to attract these mosquito-eating animals. You can buy them at most hardware stores or you can make it a fun family project to build one.

Maintain Your Swimming Pool

A well-maintained swimming will generally not attract mosquitoes due to the chemicals. Pool maintenance can be a lot of work and keeping up with it can sometimes slip our minds. If you don’t keep up on cleaning or adding chemicals, then your pool could turn into the biggest mosquito sanctuary in the neighborhood. Don’t forget, if you aren’t going to be using your pool for an extended period of time, it’s best to cover it and keep puddles from forming on top.

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