Show Someone You Care With the Holiday Gift of Premium Lawn Maintenance

Take your holiday gift-giving to the next level by giving someone you love the gift of premium lawn maintenance from Choice Home & Commercial Services. This is a perfect gift for anyone who struggles to keep up with their weekly lawn chores. It can help new homeowners establish their first healthy lawn and can help older folks who don’t have as much energy as they used to keep up with their lawn maintenance. Maybe you will want to give yourself the gift of lawn maintenance. Here are a few great reasons to consider the gift of lawn maintenance from Choice Home & Commercial Services this holiday season.

Customized Treatment Plan

One of the best parts of investing in lawn maintenance from Choice Home & Commercial Services is that you’ll get a customized treatment plan based on your individual lawn. We know that every lawn is different and that means the treatment plans should be different to reflect that. Our team of lawn care specialists will assess your property to create the most comprehensive and beneficial plan possible.

Maximizing Healthy Roots and Robust Growth

The central focus of our lawn maintenance is to maximize healthy root systems and promote robust growth throughout the lawn. With our customized approach, our lawn care specialists ensure the lawn receives the perfect nutrients at the perfect time. Constant monitoring of the lawn helps ensure that if any problems arise, we’re able to quickly remedy them. In the end, the lawn will be well-fed, properly cared for, thick, healthy, and beautiful.

Protecting the Lawn From Thieving Weeds

Giving the gift of lawn maintenance will help produce a weed-free lawn here in Pearland, TX.
There’s no point beating around the bush, we hate weeds. These pest-plants rob the lawn of vital nutrients and their quick growth-rate can crowd out your grass, leaving the lawn open to more weeds. Weeds weaken the immune system of the lawn, leaving it vulnerable to lawn disease and pest infestations. With our lawn maintenance program, our lawn care specialists will make sure weeds don’t find a home in your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Means So Much More

Some of the services that Choice Home & Commercial Services offers include:

Give the Gift of Lawn Maintenance From Choice Home & Commercial Services

Lawn Maintenance from Choice Home & Commercial Services is one of the best holiday gifts to give this year. From the customized treatment plan to the constant monitoring, give the gift of a beautiful and healthy lawn to someone you love this holiday season.

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