Start the New Year Right with a Lawn Care Strategy for 2020

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on the year behind you and plan for the year ahead. It’s a great time to come up with your lawn care strategy for 2020. With proper planning and setting the right goals, you can give your lawn the best care this year. Here are a few tips for developing your lawn care strategy for 2020.

Lawn Fertilization: Give Your Lawn the Nutrients it Needs

Properly and consistently fertilizing your lawn should be at the top of the priorities in your lawn care strategy for 2020. Because your lawn is a living thing, it requires certain nutrients throughout the year. Giving your lawn the nutrients it needs at the times it needs them equips your grass with everything it needs to thrive.

By properly fertilizing your lawn, you encourage strong growth and a healthier lawn. A properly fertilized lawn has thicker, greener grass and a stronger immune system. Well-fertilized lawns are more resistant to turf-damaging insects, lawn diseases, and seasonal stresses. It’ll even be more difficult for weeds to invade a fertilized lawn.

Setting a fertilization schedule for your lawn depends on the type of grass you have and changes depending on the season. Getting it right is a science and the results will tell you if you’ve done a good job. The best thing you can do for your lawn is to trust your lawn fertilization to the experts. The professionals at Choice Home and Commercial Services have the expertise and experience to diagnose your lawn and develop a fertilization strategy that will best benefit your turf.

Weed Control: A Weed-Free Lawn is a Stress-Free Lawn

The next part of an effective lawn care strategy for 2020 is weed control. Weeds are a homeowner’s worst enemy. Not only are they ugly, but they’re destructive too. The quick-growing pest plants outgrow your grass and compete for light and space. Under the soil, weed roots compete with grass roots for nutrients and water, causing stress for your lawn. A weed-infested lawn is an unhealthy lawn and is more prone to diseases and pest infestations.

Planning out your lawn care strategy for 2020 includes having a plan for the weeds. Starting early is essential and prevention is key. Use pre-emergent herbicides before the weeds start to sprout in the spring. This blocks weed seeds from germinating and allows your grass a stress-free environment to start the year. Use post-emergent herbicides throughout the rest of the year to eliminate weeds as they sprout. Attack the weeds in the fall with broadleaf weed control to finish out the year. It’s also a good idea to mow your lawn a little longer as taller grass doesn’t leave much room for opportunistic weeds.

Aeration: The Perfect Service to Revitalize Your Lawn

Finally, give your lawn a revitalization service to help it reach its full potential. Aeration is a great way to replenish a lawn after a year (or years) of heavy use. Aerating your lawn once every year is a great way to keep your lawn and soil as healthy as possible. Using an aerator, a lawn care professional will remove cores of compacted soil, spreading them across the surface of the lawn. It’s an intense-looking service, but the lawns absolutely love it.

This helpful lawn service gives your grass roots room to breathe. By eliminating the compacted soil and breaking up the excess thatch, you’re giving your lawn a chance to strengthen itself. Grass roots are given the space to spread out and grow deep, strengthening the turf. The roots will also have easier access to air, water, and nutrients, everything a lawn needs to be successful. Don’t skip this essential lawn service.

Choice Home and Commercial Services Can Help with Your Lawn Care Strategy for 2020

Setting your lawn care strategy for 2020 in January helps you get ahead with your lawn care. By investing in services from Choice Home and Commercial Services, you’ll be on your way to achieving all of your lawn care goals. Services like fertilization, weed control, and aeration give the lawn everything it needs to succeed in 2020.

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