Weed Control Tips for Texas Lawns

Everything’s bigger in Texas — including the weeds. They are stubborn, fast growing, and tough. Homeowners spend countless hours pulling and spraying weeds but it seems like it’s a never-ending battle. They are ugly, obtrusive, and can really drive down your curb appeal. Luckily, there are a few weed control steps you can take to reduce the amount of them springing up in your yard.

Get Them Early

The best way to get ahead of the weeds is to get them early before they germinate. At the end of each growing season, weeds release their seeds. These seeds wind up in the soil beneath your grass, waiting for the ideal conditions to germinate. If you really want to put a dent in the weed population, then get yourself some pre-emergent herbicide and apply it in the spring. The pre-emergent will prevent the seeds from germinating, leaving you with a weed-free start to the year. 

A Healthy Lawn is a Weed-Free Lawn

Weeds are inevitable, even if you use a pre-emergent in the spring. Seeds will always find their way into your yard via the wind or birds later in the season. While starting with pre-emergent is an excellent start, you still have to maintain your yard to keep weeds from popping up in the summer and fall.

Be sure to follow a regular mowing, watering, and fertilization routine to encourage your grass to grow thick and lush and maintain weed control. Thin or weak lawns are the perfect environment for weeds to grow, eventually crowding out your grass. Thick and healthy grass can actually prevent weeds from taking over by blocking the sunlight they need to germinate. 


To control weeds in your flower beds or gardens mulch can make a huge difference. Mulch creates a thick layer that the sun cannot penetrate, preventing weeds from germinating. At Choice Homes we offer mulching services throughout the year.

Spot Treating

Spot treating means spraying the weeds that pop up throughout the year. There will always be a stray weed here or there in the cracks of your sidewalks or along the edge of your driveway. Luckily, these weeds are easy to tackle. If you have followed our previous tips, then your weed control job should be easy.

Don’t Water The Weeds

While sprinklers are the best way to water your yard, they aren’t the best way to water your garden. Sure it’s easier and saves you from making several trips with a watering can, but you are also helping out the weeds. Soon your garden will be a forest of weeds which means even more work for you. 

Here are some interesting ways to water your plants without watering the weeds:

Drip Irrigation: A hose with intermittent holes in it delivers targeted water at a steady rate to plants.

Flower Pot Method: Bury an unglazed clay flower pot six inches into the dirt. Plant your flowers or vegetables around it. Water added to the pot will absorb through the pot and into the surrounding soil.


Hire The Pros

Sometimes battling weeds is just too overwhelming. That’s where the professionals at Choice Home and Commercial Services come in. With our lawn care program we can keep your lawn looking thick and healthy all year long. 

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